Thursday, November 4, 2010


So, after a little bit of time spent catching up on work, I thought I'd post a handful of my favorite images from my recent trip in Kauai. Bear in mind, this was not a work trip... by any stretch of the imagination. This trip was all about the wedding to my beautiful bride, Karlee (pictured below).

With that said, these images are more of a quick look into some of the fun shots I felt like taking while on vacation. Even though I may not have been at work, I still love taking photos for the sheer joy of creating art and documenting the beauty around us.

That's all the disclaimer I have here. Enjoy!

My wife Karlee on the on the Kalalau trail on the Nepali Coast

A view of the North Island, just outside of Hanalei.

Snorkeling shot taken with a Canon G9 with an underwater housing.

Sunset in Poipu the day of our wedding. A huge thanks to the folks at the Beach House restaurant for catering our reception and for providing such an awesome place to watch the sunset.

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  1. So sorry we couldn't be there---it looks like the location was perfect for the big day.