Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Freeskier Magazine Contributor Bio

This little "shout out" from Freeskier Magazine ran about a month ago, but I wanted to upload it to the blog before I forget.
It's nothing super special, but it's always an honor when any of the magazines I work with want to call extra attention to me and my work.
It's an even bigger honor to share the page with one of my long time idols, the late Shane McConkey. I wish I could have had the opportunity to shoot with Shane, but I'm glad if nothing else, I got to share a few minutes with him over a cup of coffee at Squaw Valley two years ago. Thanks Shane, for being you, for all that you did for the sport of skiing and for the impact you had on my life and so many others. You will be missed.
Anyways, I apologize for getting off track for a moment. I want to give a big thanks to Shay Williams, the photo editor at Freeskier, for putting this together and for calling me "one of skiing's hardest working photographers"... what can I say, I'm flattered. Now I guess I should get back to work so I can keep that reputation.

Ski Union Feature Article

I was recently asked by the European magazine Ski Union to write a feature article about a trip I took last winter with Matchstick Productions to Northern British Columbia. You heard correctly... I got asked to write something... whooohooo!!! This is the first article that I've ever had published where I got to both write and shoot the entire piece. I'm stoked to have had the opportunity to test out my writing skills again, seeing as the last time I formally sat down and wrote anything, other than a grocery list, was my senior thesis in Anthropology some 8 years ago.

At any rate, I'm stoked that I was given the chance to test my creative writing skills again and I'm really happy with how the piece turned out. Thanks to Pally Learmond and Jamie Cameron at Ski Union for the opportunity. And a huge thanks to James Heim, Ingrid Backstrom, Hugo Harrison and the guys at MSP. It's always a pleasure to work with that crew.

Hope you all enjoy.

Click here to view the article.

Friday, October 16, 2009

If This Guy Can Dunk: Photo Shoot

I just recently met up with my friend Jason King and did a shoot with him to promote his new website and personal project Jason is about to turn 30 and in an attempt to cling to his his youth, he is learning how to dunk a basketball. If you haven't yet had a chance to check out his website, I highly recommend grabbing a comfortable chair and clicking through his video journals. They're funnier than hell, well edited and have a killer soundtrack.
Anyways, all pimping of someone else's work aside, below is a link to a short behind the scenes video we shot during our shoot. This isn't a technical "how to" lighting seminar, it's just a little teaser to show what went into making the shots. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nikon World Magazine: Cover and Feature Article

This is a bit old, but I just realized that it wasn't on the blog... and it should be. Sorry if you've already seen this, and it's old news to you. But to the rest, enjoy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Post: Images from last years Warren Miller Shoot

This is my first post to the blog, so bare with me a little bit on this one... I'm still learning how this whole "internet/ world wide web" thing works.
Regardless of my technology shortcomings, below is a link to some of the images I shot for Warren Miller Entertainment this past March at Crystal Mountain, Washington. The images are part of their marketing collateral for their upcoming movie "Dynasty".
I was honored to shoot for Warren Miller this past year. I'd grown up watching Warren Miller movies from an early age. I can remember going to the annual shows with my parents and getting stoked about the impending winter after watching people fall clumsily off of chair lifts. On top of that, I was getting to shoot on my home turf of Crystal Mountain.
Follow the link and it will take you to the Warren Miller Entertainment media gallery where you can see photos from the shoot.