Monday, September 26, 2011

Brooks Running: Ad Campaign

Last month I got a phone call from the people at Brooks Running asking me to shoot a new ad campaign for their new Gore-Tex shoes, the Ghost and Adrenaline.

Stand Alone 4 Panel Accordian Brochure
Brooks Brochure front cover

Brooks Brochure 2

Brooks Brochure 3

While I was stoked at the prospect of shooting for Brooks, I was a bit nervous. Not nervous about shooting for Brooks, but because we were going to be shooting a waterproof shoe campaign and here it was late July... not the best time of year for crummy weather in Seattle. So, as the shoot came together, we had all the contingency plans available and ready to put into action (buckets of water, garden sprayers, hoses, water truck... you name it). However, as the morning of the shoot arrived, we couldn't have been more blessed as a huge thunderstorm descended on Seattle. It poured rain (with thunder and lightening) all morning long, providing us with great cloudy backgrounds, huge natural puddles and an all around wet look to the shoot.

The only bummer about the days shoot was that the torrential rain destroyed one of my Nikon D3 bodies. After hours out in the rain, the poor thing just couldn't hang any longer. Fortunately, it's occasions like this that have led me to always carry back up bodies on a shoot. After swapping the old with the new, we were able to continue shooting without missing a beat.

Print Ad for Magazine
Brooks Ad

I'm really happy with how the campaign turned out. Something a little different than your typical running shoot, with a little bit of humor interjected.

Outtake from the day's shoot

We also shot a short video for this campaign and we'll be posting that on the blog shortly.

A huge thanks to Brooks for choosing me to shoot this campaign for them.

Specialized Catalog Shoot


I had the incredible opportunity earlier this summer to do a catalog shoot for Specialized Bicycles. This was a two day shoot in Portland that was aimed at garnering more attention for their Fitness/ Commuter bike series.


Working with the creative team from Popamatic Studios, we spent two long days traversing the city streets, coffee shops, back alleys, and country roads in and around the Portland area.


The resulting collateral that will utilize these images hasn't gone to print yet, but I was finally given the go ahead to release a few of these images for the blog.


A huge thanks to the folks at Specialized and Popamatic for turning to me to shoot this campaign. I've been a HUGE fan of Specialized bikes for years and I'm stoked to have had the opportunity to shoot this for them.